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Saving Money on your Wedding - Part 1
Posted on: 2 / 6 / 2018
So later on this year, i'll be getting married. 

As soon as the excitement of the engagement started subside, the planning the wedding was the priority. Thankfully my fiance is pretty controlled with her spending (more so than me) and she was keen on getting the most bang for buck out of the day.

With the average wedding cost at $36,200, focusing on getting value for money sounds like a great idea to me.

So while I was more interested in planning the honeymoon, she was sifting through bridal magazines, searching locations and looking for ways to get the most value for money out of our special day. 

She then proceeded to write a post on it all....
Saving Money On Your Wedding Part 1
By Courtney Vernon 

The most important thing on your wedding day is that you and your partner are happy and have a celebration that reflects your relationship and love for each other, but I’m sure being able to save money on this special occasion will also bring you some happiness. 

As I am in the midst of planning my own wedding I got excited/carried away so will be publishing this article in 3 segments – Initial planning, Here comes the bride and AAHH!! SO many things to consider.
The first step is to set a budget for the total amount you wish to spend on your wedding. As a guide according to Australia Securities and Investments Commission in 2015 the average cost of a wedding in Australia is $36,200 but a survey from Bride to Be magazine found people were spending over $65,000. Then consider what aspects you think are worth spending extra money. It may also be helpful to create an excel spread sheet to list all the components of the wedding (there will be more then you think), how much you want to spend, how much it actually cost and keeping track of deposits.

Bridal magazines and easy also have information on budget break down and budget trackers.

Another thing to consider is if parents/in laws are contributing anything to the budget and how this may affect the budget. 
Bridal Expos
We went to one for $10 each and got a bridal magazine worth $9.95, saved $100 on the celebrant, got 50% off the cake and I won some beauty products so it was well worth the cost. 

This is why recommended attending a bridal expo early into planning as there will more opportunity for you to utilize the discounts but also give you an idea of all the different elements of a wedding and other things you may want to include like releasing doves.
You will also be able to get quotes from a range of vendors to help establish a price guide and budget. 

It will be handy to have an approximate date or date options in mind as the date will be the most commonly asked question as it can affect cost and availability for services. Also check how long the discounts are on for as some may be for the day, weekend or month and mention that you saw them at the expo to get the discount.
Selecting a Date and Time
If you have a date that is special to you and want to get married on that date then this section may not apply. If you can be flexible with the date then check with venues if they have discounts on certain days of the week or time of the year. Generally during the week and winter months will be cheaper. We found some places offered a discount on Sundays and some charged more. Saturdays will usually cost the most and be the most popular but are the most convenient. Check if the venues have brunch/lunch options as these are cheaper but the time at the venue may be reduced.
Pretty simple, the more people you invite, the more your wedding will cost. Don’t let anyone you feel obligated to invite someone who you don’t feel comfortable inviting. You want people there that you love and you want to have fun and celebrate with. 

Think about people you have the most contact with and make the effort to keep in touch. You may find that without even trying you can get quite a lengthy list and this list should be your best guide of who to invite as it’s the people you immediately thought of. 

As venues may have a guest minimum and maximum its useful to have an idea of the number of guests attending before looking at venues. It will also dictate the size of the cake.
Another thing is who do or your friends and family know that has skills that may be useful like make up, hair, photography, floristry, sowing, art and craft, cooking, baking, music, have a nice backyard/house or anything else you can think of. 

By using the skills of people you know and already invited to your wedding you can save thousands. It is up to you but you may still want to pay them something or consider asking that their services serve as a wedding gift.


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