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Saving Money On Your Wedding - Part 2
Posted on: 9 / 6 / 2018

By Courtney Vernon
This part of the series explores the elements of a wedding that will relate most to the bride but no reason why the groom can’t consider some of these ideas as well.

You can catch Part 1 of this series here if you missed it.
The Dress
Now that you have “the one” it’s time to find the other one- the wedding dress!

If you have a clear budget in mind for the dress then tell the consultant to ensure you do not try on or look at dresses that you cannot afford. 

There are websites like where you can buy dresses second hand so will be cheaper than buying new but may still need alterations.

Grace Loves Lace and White Runway are online stores have wedding dresses for under $1000. They also have some stores where you can try on the gowns.

Also consider if you want a veil as they can get quite costly.
grace loves lace hadley wedding dress
Grace Loves Lace ~ Hadley - $990
Getting There
I always envisioned arriving to my wedding in a horse and carriage like my mum but after looking at the cost and the fact you cannot see my arrival from the ceremony area (this was true for all venues we looked at) I am now content with rocking up in an uber. So consider if your arrival will be seen by the guests and your partner and if this will impact how you choose to arrive. Or you may decide that you don’t care if they do see you arrive and that you should be the main attraction and don’t want to risk being upstaged by the transportation.
The price of flowers will depend on what you are wanting flowers for –bouquets, flower girl, flower crowns, button holes, corsages and decorations but can easily cost over $500 for the bouquets and button hole flowers. Not to discredit the beautiful work florists do as flowers can create a lovely atmosphere and ambience to a wedding space but there are cheaper alternatives.

Utilise flower markets, farmers markets, supermarkets, or already made bunches or flowers from stalls on the side road to find flowers at a lower price and can buy florist wire to help form the bouquets from craft stores like Spotlight. Then use the flowers from the bouquets as table decorations. You could also choose a more simple deign with a single flower or only 1 or 2 types of flowers to cut down cost.

With this option though you may not be able to certain flowers or colours but you could consider just buying bouquets or bridal bouquet from a florist and not having other flowers. My mum will kill me for suggesting this but artificial flowers are a more cost-effective option compared to fresh flower.

You don’t even need to have flowers! You can have candles or lolly jars as table decorations and not have bouquets or button hole flowers. I have also seen the bridal party hold puppies instead!

wedding and puppies bridesmaid puppy
Hair and Make-up
I had a quote for 3 people (bride and 2 bridesmaids) for hair and make-up which was over $600 which had me shook. 

One element to consider is do you want people to come to where you are getting ready or are you and the bridal party happy to travel. Having the stylists come to you may cost more due to travel fees but if you have a large bridal party or your ceremony is early in the day it will save you time. Going somewhere to get beautified appears to be the cheaper option. In regards to make up, Myer, David Jones, MAC and Mecca Maxima will do your make up for you where the cost of the service is redeemable on products. The price will vary depending on the brand and look you are after but somewhere between $70-$120 and will take 45-60 minutes. I like this option because you do get products as well so can buy the same make up they used for touch ups during the day. If you have a large bridal party the same counter/store may not be able to accommodate you all at the same time so check what their availability is in advance.

With youtube there is access to plenty on hair and make up tutorials should you wish to try and do your hair and make-up yourself. You can also find reviews on different products and cheaper alternatives or dupes. Also if you know someone who is good at hair and make-up get them to help out.

If you decide to take the DIY route make sure you find products that are designed to last all day and will not cause flash back (dusty, white marks on face that appear in photos caused by SPF) as you will be getting photographed a lot. You could always have the bride get her make and hair done professionally and the bridesmaids seek other options.

That's it for this week - the final part will be posted next week.
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